Welcome to the Principles of Influence

Learn the secrets that very persuasive people engage in.
For over 10 years this program has been delivered live to audiences all over North America.
For the first time, the most critical concepts from the live program are offered in this 10 module training series.
What cost live participants over a $1000 dollars. For $99.00 you will learn how to:
  • Deal with the type of people you find most difficult
  • Implement the little know secrets that very persuasive people use
  • Speak to a customer’s specific needs
  • Make powerful statements that get your customers attention
  • Close in a way that is natural and effortless
  • Distinguish yourself from other salespeople
  • Create instant likability
  • Handle objections in a way that strengthens your relationship with your customers
  • Transitions customers smoothly and effectively through your sales process
  • Make vivid and powerful presentations
As a result of these skills, you will increase your likability and closing percentage.